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Fresh from the E3 keynote, check out a sneak preview video of the new Xbox Music experience, coming soon.

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 image A lot is being written here, here, and here about the new Zune ads that showcase Wes Moss, a certified Financial Planner outlining how filling your iPod with music (legitimately) will cost you $30,000 vs. the $19.95 all-you-can-eat Zune Pass with 10 included MP3 downloads per month. I fired up Zune this AM and discovered an Easter Egg of sorts: Zune Pass has programmed Playlists of the iTunes Top 100 downloaded songs, one-click away from downloading.  And Amazon’s Top 100.  And P2P networks Top 100. And Rhapsody’s Top 100.  Interesting concept in an economy where thrift is the new normal.  Isn’t that worth a 14-day free trial?


More screens:

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Disclaimer: As anyone who reads this blog knows, I’m a fan of Zune not because I work with the team, but because I like the product.

As those who have read my ramblings here know, I’m always looking for the perfect holiday mix.  This year, it’s been easier thanks to two services I’ve been playing with: Zune Marketplace and Pandora.

Tip#1: Find Great Holiday Music on Zune

Zune Marketplace serves up a broad range of musical suggestions, but if you click on the “more” option under Genres, you’ll find the latest programming for the holidays.  Select, “Seasonal” and you’ll find some great playlists – Christmas Classics and Holiday Cocktails are two of my favorite playlists.

Don’t have Zune?  It’s a great time to take advantage of the two weeks free offer or you can sample the catalog for ideas on

Tip #2: Serve up Pandora’s Holiday Stations

A tip of the hat to the Pandora team for sharing some tips for creating Holiday stations on Pandora! Just start by entering the name of a holiday song you like. To create a station based on an artist who performs holiday music, enter their name, followed by the word ‘holiday’ (for example, ‘Ray Charles Holiday’).

Having spent the majority of this weekend boxing up our house for our move, I can attest that these work great on Pandora on Sonos as well. (Note: Pandora also now powers MSN Radio here.)

And don’t forget last year’s Holiday Trivia Picture pack – great to put as a slideshow on your TV or Digital Picture frame during holiday parties. Happy holidays all!