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Microsoft has redesigned the app with a fresh interface and added what it’s calling Next Gen Stats, which leverage the data fed from the trackers in every NFL player’s uniform. Next Gen Stats replays look like they were pulled right out of Madden or another football video game, and they display information such as velocity, top speed, and distance traveled for each player on the field. Viewers can see the exact routes that each player took during a play and analyze just like a coach on the field. Microsoft says that the new app supports fantasy football programs from, CBS, and Yahoo, and it will let fantasy players track their teams and stats in real time every game day.

Congrats to the Microsoft and NFL¬†teams pulling this together, as well as placing Surface Pro 3 in the hands the teams, athletes, and referees in the league.¬† We can’t wait!

Seattle loves Boston!

April 20, 2013

Seattle Loves Boston PDLast monday, under an overcast and stormy Seattle sky, I took my son to his first Little League practice as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Despite being a coast away from Boston, our hearts go out to our friends, family, and the community of Boston, MA.

Thank you Boston and to all of those that protect and serve – Seattle loves you.