Archives For August 2010

A few updates from around the Web for this weekend:

  • Sonos is working on their iPad application, but has delayed release from August to September.  Launch at CEDIA Expo 2010 imminent?  What’s not imminent is an Android-based version of the Sonos controller app currently available for iPhone, confirmed by Dave Zatz.  Here’s to hoping Windows Phone 7 gets in the mix.
  • Pandora recently launched Genre-based channels.  This service keeps getting better and better. 80’s Pop or Today’s Hits? Works with Sonos too.
  • Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone 7 has announced the initial lineup of games.  A few weeks ago my friend Kevin Unangst showed me a preview of what’s to come and I’m impressed by the portfolio.  Here a video overview:
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is next weekend here in Seattle. I’ll be going on Sunday if others are interested in a meetup.
  • Windows Live Sync becoming Windows Live Mesh, upping from 2G to 5GB of space.  It’s a start folks, but I for one want 25GB to backup my photo library and would pay for it.

As reported by CNet, Hotmail will be getting Exchange ActiveSync support on Monday. What does this mean?  It means better syncing of your email including folder management, push notifications, delete, and more reliable overall connections between Hotmail, iPhone, Palm Pre, Windows Phone and any other phone including Android that supports ActiveSync or Exchange server connection.

I have used the upcoming feature in testing and can say it worked in my case exactly as advertised.  Glad to see the Hotmail team make this investment – surely not a small engineering job.

The team is hard at work preparing for the November launch of Kinect for Xbox 360.  One of the exciting things is consumers can now try Kinect for themselves at local events worldwide.  One of the cooler features of Kinect-enabled games is that many of them will take photos or video when you’re playing – the equivalent of getting your picture taken on Space Mountain at Disneyland.  At the end of Space Mountain you get to see your picture at a kiosk at the exit and then get the keepsake.  The Kinect marketing team recently launched, a website where after experiencing Kinect at a local event, you can type in an ID, get your picture and share it out via Facebook, Windows Live or other social networks.  Even if you don’t have an ID, you can find pictures from consumers who have chosen to share their Kinect experiences with the world.  Pretty neat stuff using Silverlight and Deep Zoom. 

Want to try Kinect yourself?  Select your country and click “Follow Tour” on the website.  You can even RSVP for a local event.