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I’ve refrained from writing during the launch of Zune as I work with the team, but it’s clear folks are getting the word – Just like Windows 7, Zune makes people “more happy“.  Engadget is now reporting, “If various stores on the internet are to be believed, the Zune HD is selling out in a pretty big way.”  This is all good news for the fledgling device, but what I’m really excited about is Zune Video Marketplace on Xbox 360.  The below video gives you a good overview of the features including the ability to buy or rent a video on one screen and play on all three – the TV, PC, or Zune HD. On the Xbox, you’ll get 1080p streaming over your broadband connection.  I can confirm it really works as-advertised. As for when, I can only say it’s, “Coming soon” 😉

Let us know if you’re hearing about local sellouts as well.  I know the Zune team is working hard to respond to demand.

Family Room: Media Center

Family Room: Media Center,
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In January 2005, I posted the following picture of my Windows Media Center setup. In the past five years, we’ve had a 2nd child, and moved once. I also moved to TiVo Series3 when HDTV became generally available and WMC in Vista didn’t deliver the experience I was looking for. Windows 7 changes all of that. My wife has, on her own, started using Windows Media Center and Windows 7 has the DVR/MovieLibrary/Music/Photogallery for the home. We’ve also added a Windows Home Server to the mix. In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting details here (again) about our setup, just five years later.