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Angus Logan asks:

  • Do you have media like *.mov files which Silverlight doesn’t speak?
  • Do you really really want that media in Silverlight?
  • Do you have an abundance of bandwidth to push un-encoded files up to the cloud?
  • Sick of melting your CPU to encode media? we can do it in the cloud.

On his site you’ll find a video demonstration of the experience and details on the coming API’s.  This isn’t a replacement for Expression Encoder, rather I see a compelling service for everything from next-gen ad solutions for customers  looking to ingest a myriad of formats into standard video formats for broad distribution, to design/development houses looking to use Silverlight Streaming as a service for video delivery.  Congrats to the Silverlight Streaming team!

Learn more here.  Ray Ozzie is speaking right now.

Thanks Jeff

Update from MIX08

March 5, 2008

The show officially starts in a few hours, but the events started last night. The night started off with a great dinner off the strip at a "foodie" approved Thai restaurant, "Lotus of Siam" with Dave Wolf of Cynergy Systems. Twitter was white hot with updates from different events and ad-hoc get togethers.  Later I stopped by the Blogger Party and met up with a number of familiar faces and met some new ones. I took some grief for not blogging enough so will try and do better.  Ryan Stewart stopped by and we played Rock Band, jamming to NIN’s "The Hand that Feeds".  I’m sure there’s some irony in there somewhere. My performance was marred by a semi-functioning yellow button on the axe but we had a good time.

Late last night, an update mail went out internally asking most MSFTies to watch the keynote from the overflow room. Apparently attendance is packed to the gills with very few no-shows or last minute cancellations.  So I’ll be in the "other" room if you want to stop by and say hello. Lots of great sessions and meetups happening today and tomorrow.  Sure to be a topic on the floor today is Job’s comments about Flash on the iPhone.  It’s long been rumored that Apple has been working to create their own RIA platform with Safari at the center.  With Jobs making comments such as "There’s this missing product in the middle", one has to wonder if there’s a connection with Apple’s March 6th event?