Zune UI Walkthrough

September 15, 2006

Cesar at Zune Insider has posted a video of the new Zune UI. I think this is the same B-roll footage provided to the press, but it gives a good overview of some of the UI features.

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4 responses to Zune UI Walkthrough


    I just can’t wait to try the Wifi feature. If it does not kill the battery, it is going to be a real ipod killer!


    Hey! 107.7 The End! 🙂

    Beautiful!! I’m lovin the UI! I really like the FULL screen album art WITH song/album/artist details – Something iPod can’t do.


    The GUI definitely rocks. Hands down the best I’ve seen after the Gigabeat.


    I have to ask how much are you being paid by MSFT?