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WMP11 & Media Center

June 1, 2006

Matt Goyer has a post re: MCE library performance improvements seen when running WMP11. I may have contributed to this confusion. Yes, the WMP11 library is wicked-fast compared to WMP10. Yes, it can search 2 million URGE tracks in an instant. Unfortunately MCE won’t see these benefits in Media Center unless you’re running Windows Vista. Apologies for any confusion.

Tom, I definitely hear your concerns and appreciate that you state up front you’re not the normal user. Most users will see significant performance improvements when using a keyboard and mouse (vs MCE). Not that many customers measure their media library in “terabytes”, as you do 😉 but you bring up a good point overall on the importance of making sure MCE and WMP11 work well together at final.

Chris Pirillo recently wrote an interesting writeup of feedback on Vista Beta 2. In what could be described as a mashup of bug report and user-experience feedback, he captures the essence of what a super-users and influentials see when they use Beta 2 (note: most users of any beta 2 fall into one of these categories by definition). While I’m sure certain folks would have preferred a different, more private approach (PR <cough>), this type of feedback is fantastic whether I agree with it all or not. It’s structured. It’s digestable. It comes from a credible source. Bugs can be filed against it. We need more of it.

Microsoft has MANY ways of collecting feedback and usability reports. During the course of Vista, entire teams dedicated to this practice have been doing an excellent job of rolling the feedback up to management as well as the rest of the Vista org for shared learnings. It’s refreshing to see. Vista is not perfect, but the team is actively taking notice of feedback and more importantly taking action.

Yes Chris, I see you as a passionate user. Thank you for taking the time and sharing.

Apparently visitors to the new Apple store in NYC were treated to a special kind of lock-in. The kind that involves glass elevators, the NYPD, and drained hydraulic fluid. Perhaps they need to replace it every year but just ran into a defective one? Maybe the batteries wouldn’t keep their charge? There are just so many puns and innuendos here I’m going to have to bite my knuckle. Come on now, sometimes you have to laugh.