Archives For February 4, 2006

Sharing the SatRad Gift

February 4, 2006

Orbitcast points to a funny article on a guy who discovers his Satellite Radio’s FM transmitter is a bit stronger than he expected. So what does he do? Shares with his fellow commuters in a fun and viral way.

Slinging it for a Gadget

February 4, 2006

I’ve been a fan of Orb, but found it didn’t run as stably as I like. And with a bunch of international business trips coming up, I bit the bullet and am evaluating Slingbox as a way to control and watch my favorite shows recorded on our DVR. I have to say, wow I’m impressed so far. The UI could use some work, but the function is solid.

Underneath the hood, it’s basically a hardware-based WMV Encoder that can easily be found across the Internet. Put in some quality of service (QoS) goo and away you go. Lots of folks have been having fun with it including Scoble. Hundreds of uses – some folks monitor their babycam using one.

One idea I had was for Slingbox to build a Gadget for Windows Sidebar and They’re already close-with the ability to dock the SlingPlayer on the left or right sides of your screen, but it leaves a lot of unused space. What do you say SlingMedia?

In the coming months I’ll be blogging my experiences with Slingbox from Hong Kong and Japan. Away we go!