I haven’t been this excited for a product announcement since we did Windows XP.
Watch the live briefing here starting at 9am Pacific.

“What the hell happened?  Why don’t you post on your blog or Facebook anymore?”

The question was posed by a longtime colleague. The answer is what I call, “The Facebook Divorce”.

No this isn’t some sort of new-age kind of digital cleanse. When I started this blog, I was working in Windows when digital media was shiny and new, and I kept a mix of personal interests with what trends were emerging before consumer digital media became mainstream and pervasive. I further distanced my personal posts as SeanAlexander.com became, “Addicted to Digital Media” after main Microsoft sites deep linked to here, and I felt I had a responsibility in that regard. Then I came to realize that everything I was posting would be… impersonal and covered elsewhere in the flurry of deep linkage that is my friend’s Facebook news feeds.  What’s the point?

Then last January my now ex-wife and I decided to divorce after over 15 years of marriage. My social graph would tell you we were the perfect couple.  Pictures carefully selected, family trips meticulously curated. Words of affirmation on important dates such as birthdays, reasons to be thankful throughout the month of November.  Friends were shocked as we appeared to be the perfect couple. The schisms existed, probably from before we got married.  My attorney advised me to avoid social media. So I did, and now can emerge from my self-imposed hiatus.

That period is now over, and I wish my ex-wife well. I can return to writing about things I’m interested in here, and I hope you enjoy too.  In the coming weeks, I’ll decide whether to keep the site’s moniker as, “Addicted to Digital Media” or “SeanAlexander.com”.  Personally, the latter seems too self-serving.