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A few updates from around the Web for this weekend:

  • Sonos is working on their iPad application, but has delayed release from August to September.  Launch at CEDIA Expo 2010 imminent?  What’s not imminent is an Android-based version of the Sonos controller app currently available for iPhone, confirmed by Dave Zatz.  Here’s to hoping Windows Phone 7 gets in the mix.
  • Pandora recently launched Genre-based channels.  This service keeps getting better and better. 80’s Pop or Today’s Hits? Works with Sonos too.
  • Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone 7 has announced the initial lineup of games.  A few weeks ago my friend Kevin Unangst showed me a preview of what’s to come and I’m impressed by the portfolio.  Here a video overview:
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is next weekend here in Seattle. I’ll be going on Sunday if others are interested in a meetup.
  • Windows Live Sync becoming Windows Live Mesh, upping from 2G to 5GB of space.  It’s a start folks, but I for one want 25GB to backup my photo library and would pay for it.

Today kickstarts Gnomedex 10 – the annual confab put on by local entrepreneur and CNN Tech correspondent Chris Pirillo.  Kind of like TED but more tech, Gnomedex has been an annual must-attend event for years and this may be the last one.  Alas, I made plans to take my son to the Oregon International Airshow this weekend and won’t be able to attend.  So here are the Top 5 things I would want to hear at Gnomedex:

  1. Someone ask Tom Nugent, co-founder of LaserMotive if he’s related to Ted Nugent.  I’m certain someone will do this.  I’m also pretty certain a laser-powered Skynet drone will suddenly appear and attack the person who asks him.
  2. Matt Inman, because I eat The Oatmeal every day (e.g. Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow).
  3. Anyone who presents after Violet Blue. Poor Jason Barger – something tells me that the audience is going to need a smoke break after Violet’s presentation.
  4. Barbara Evans uncork a bottle of Domaine Romanée-Conti on-stage and pour half out for her “Homies” to the horror of the audience.
  5. Charles Brennick give away an Xbox 360/Kinect bundle.  Charles runs, a non-profit organization that refurbs PCs for donation to underserved communities worldwide. (Disclaimer: I am on the Board of Directors for IC)

Here’s to hoping this isn’t the last Gnomedex so I can plan better.  Can’t attend in person like me?  Check out Gnomedex online at  Congratulations to Chris and have a great show.

Update: Jeff Barr has some great mind maps of the sessions at Gnomedex here.

What happens when three Microsoft engineers decide to enter the Red Bull Flugtag? Windows Project Phoenix, that’s what.  The Seattle Times front page this morning takes a look at the team and the seriousness of this competition:

The competition, at least for showmanship, is stiff. A 7-Eleven team is building a giant flying Big Gulp. A women’s team from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has proposed a giant flying Peep. One team is working on a giant hand that will launch a pilot in a paper airplane, set to the M.I.A. song “Paper Planes.” A group of Navy trainers called “Team Roundhouse” has a plane with a giant Chuck Norris head.

This is a topic that has to be featured at next year’s Gnomedex which sadly I’m going to miss this weekend due to a prior commitment out of town.  Good luck to Mike, Lucas, Brian, and the whole team.