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Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Microsoft Nuads

The traditional television commercials that play between programs on a TV set are long overdue for an upgrade, which Microsoft is more than happy to provide.

The technology giant announced today it will begin selling advertising units for its interactive NUads ad product on Xbox Live. Unlike traditional TV commercials, NUads will use the Kinect’s motion sensing technology to help boost audience engagement. VentureBeat previously praised NUads as a potential savior for the stagnant TV ad industry, and now we’re finally getting a closer look at it.

Basically, the 30 seconds you typically spend staring haplessly into space while a Tide video plays in the background will hopefully be replaced with you responding to questions or waving your hands while viewing a NUads commercial.

For instance, Toyota is running a NUads spot that’s similar to the commercial it ran during the Super Bowl, except with an added layer of…

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